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Business planning

At Crozier Jones, we can assist you with business planning and cashflow forecasts.

A good business idea needs a good business plan with sound financial information and a strategy to make the idea become a reality.

Business plans need to be clear but should, at a minimum, explain:

  • the line of work you are going to be in;
  • the gap in the market;
  • what the goals and objectives of the business will be;
  • what your unique selling points are; and
  • how you are going to achieve your sales forecast.

The plan will include a cashflow projection. A cashflow projection is probably one of the most important management reports as it shows how cash is expected to flow in and out of the business and how much capital investment your business needs. These reports are typically required by lenders when you want to borrow money and can assist in the successful running of your business. We can assist individuals and businesses with the preparation of their cashflow projections, budgets and business projections as and when required

If you are looking to create and present a credible and professional business plan then talk to us today. We know exactly what information is required and how it can be best presented. We can work with you to ensure your plans are realistic and achievable. This will provide you with a better chance of success when it comes to receiving funding for your business.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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